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Setting up a tt-rss daemon on Arch Linux

Posted in Arch Linux by downforce on October 22, 2009

NOTE: I originally wrote this on the forums, but thought I’d post it here too.

There doesn’t seem to be support for TT-RSS on Arch Linux, particularly in creating the /etc/rc.d/ daemon. So I hacked together this:

I edited the init.d files for TT-RSS to run on Arch Linux, which uses rc.d and doesn’t have start-stop-daemon. This is the first time I’ve done anything like this so please feel free to 1. provide constructive feedback and 2. be nice

Basically following the instructions as per UpdatingFeeds but use my attached files and place in rc.d instead of init.d

* Extract tt-rss-rc.tar.gz
cp tt-rss.default /etc/default/tt-rss
cp tt-rss.rc-d /etc/rc.d/tt-rss
/bin/chmod +x /etc/rc.d/tt-rss

* If you want Tiny Tiny RSS update daemon to start when you computer start :
Edit /etc/rc.conf
Add to "DAEMONS=(... tt-rss ...)"

* Once all this done, you can use this command line to start the update daemon :
/etc/rc.d/tt-rss start

* And this command line to stop the update daemon :
/etc/rc.d/tt-rss stop

Been working great for me for a couple weeks.

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