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Re-creating a mdadm RAID1 array

Posted in Administration, Howto by downforce on November 1, 2008

I just converted my last Ubuntu machine to ArchLinux.

Everything went fairly smoothly (with the exception of ever-changing order of HDD’s, which is now fixed without the Live CD thanks to UUID’s) but I couldn’t figure out how to re-create my RAID1 mdadm array.
Googling away actually didn’t return what I wanted! I was starting to panic, as I didn’t quite think out my backup routine quite as well as I should have (i.e. don’t backup to a software-raid-array!) I sorta needed to get it restored!

Thankfully I figured it out:
mdadm --assemble /dev/md5 /dev/sdc1 /dev/sdd1

Back in business!

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