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Tiny Tiny RSS – Web-based RSS feed aggregator

Posted in Administration, Applications by downforce on May 21, 2007 did a great article on Tiny Tiny RSS (“TT-RSS”).

As with all my software, I like my server to run the function if possible. I have my torrents, calender/PIM, knowledge base and now my RSS feeds all accessible via the web from my webserver.

TT-RSS is a great piece of software, it’s AJAXified PHP so the interface is smooth as but nice and responsive.

Couple of great features, it can be single or multi-user, there is a grouping + tagging/label function. This involves setting SQL strings, but I haven’t used it yet. TT-RSS can be set to download in the background or when you load it.

I imported my OPML from Akregator and now I’m up and running, just needed to sort the categories as it only supports 1 level of grouping as opposed to nested in Akregator.

I recommend giving it a go!

EDIT: Added links, some reason I didn’t before .. weird!

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  1. Sean Bannister said, on August 27, 2007 at 13:36

    Tiny Tiny RSS is awesome.

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