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Posted in General, Projects by downforce on May 9, 2007

I’ve been a bit quite on the blog postings lately. There are a few reasons ….

  1. I found another ‘linux noob’ blog by a guy who sounds vaguely like me. Got into Linux and started blogging about it. (Sorry I’ve lost the link, it was a week ago!) and got to the point where is was almost an addiction. I could tell I was starting to head the same way and it made me realise and I’ve slowed down a bit!
  2. Learning PHP. It’s something that’s been on the back of my mind for a while now. My programming experience is pretty minimal, just writing huge-ass VBA scripts in Excel and Access ‘apps’ connecting to various datasets (itself, MS SQL and previously Oracle). I took the plunge last week and so far I’ve almost got a working webapp, it’s pretty simple but it does what I wanted it to do and got some (I think) fancy features, like charts!
  3. Other projects …
    • UPS: I’m currently trying to get my Power Shield Defender 650vA UPS to communicate with my Linux server (Ubuntu 6.10 server). It’s causing great grief at the moment. The support emails I’ve received replies too have been less than helpful, the documentation doesn’t relate to the product (it wants RS232 and it’s a USB interface!) plus the whole thing of USB under Linux is something I haven’t got my head around yet. I’m sure I’ll write something about it another time.
    • Mail server: I broke my mail server trying to get virtual accounts setup. It became too hard with the time I had available so I left it broke for a couple weeks. I’ve just got it back working using’s Perfect Server setup.
    • VPN server: Looking into setting up a VPN server on my linux box. Seeing if it’s possible to access my home network from work. So far hit a snag with my router not passing on GRE messages to the linux box. I spent two nights on it and that’s it. Still a WIP (work-in-progress!)
  4. Most importantly, I’ve been spending time with my baby boy and wife. Believe it or not I’ve spent about 1-2 hrs per weeknight and 2-4hr per weekend day doing the above. When you look at it like that it’s pretty productive!

On that, I have a few other projects I’m going to start looking into. These are

  • Using lighttpd over apache2. I’ve been reading good things about it and given the extremely small scale of my server it might work. Just want to make sure the things I run (gallery/wordpress/phpmyadmin/torrentvolve/mediawiki) all work under lighttpd. I’m hoping the setup and config is easier than apache2. I’ve been having serious problems gettings SSL to work under apache and virtual servers/sub-domains are problematic, it keeps dieing when the reloads for the logs to rotate … grrrrr
  • Test out openSUSE on my desktop a bit more
  • Figure out why my PC keeps freezing … stupid white blocks. I suspect hardware, in particular video card, at this stage, but not ruling out some graphical config. It’s a XFX 6600GT which I’ve had just over a year. Need to see what the warranty is on it. Different regions have different warranties, Asia is 2 years, Europe doesn’t say and US is lifetime. I’m not sure what Australia would come under, I would assume Asia but who knows these days!
  • I have about 3 drafts I started and never finished. I just posted one about Google Docs as a Knowledge Base, although I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks and I’ll post some follow up.

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    1. Claymen said, on July 25, 2007 at 21:42

      Did you ever get the Powershield to work under linux. I’ve had a hell of a time getting the same one working under usb + linux. What makes it worse is im using x86_64.. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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