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My possible knowledge base solution … Google Docs

Posted in Applications, Knowledge Base by downforce on May 9, 2007

Another follow-up to my online knowledge base ….

After my previous post about “GKnow“, I checked out Google Docs ….

Amazingly (or maybe not so amazingly but logically?) Google Docs actually does a lot of what I want. Here’s a summary:

  • By nature it’s in edit mode, I can still click [most] links in edit mode with Ctrl-LMouse.
  • Every document is private unless I mark it public. I actually like this idea, more than my original proposal.
  • There is an option “Edit HTML”. I can effectively import all my previous documents from Knowledgebasepublisher to Google Docs via C&P’ing the HTML source!
  • There is an extensive list of export options, HTML, PDF, OO.
  • Of course there are negatives otherwise I’d be raving on like a mad man saying I’ve solved the worlds [which is my] problems!

  • Google services do not support Opera [Which leads me to two new articles, My love/hate relationship with Opera and How to get Google Services working with Opera, neither are written yet, but will add links when I do]
  • I’m at the mercy of the Google servers. I did want to host it on my own machine, therefore I know who and what is being accessed when. I have a innate scepticism for Google since they went public. Call it paranoia, but it’s there.

Well, I’m going to give it a go and see how it pans out until I find exactly what I want.

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  1. downforce said, on September 19, 2007 at 15:27

    Well I’ll be damned …. I never knew this when I typed this originally but Google already do!

    Go figure.

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