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Get more Gnome Themes

Posted in Howto, Window Managers by downforce on April 27, 2007

When I ran Windows I was never a theme person. Windows themes just took too much of a hit on system performance. Under Linux, it seems that the impact is far less. As such I decided to look for more GNOME themes, bored with the selection offered by the standard Ubuntu installation.

The best site I’ve found so far is! Head on over to their Gnome theme sub-category.

There is even a page on how to install them, although I think it’s slightly out-of-date (2002).

To install them in Ubuntu do this:

  • System -> Preferences -> Themes
  • Click on Install
  • Browse to the .tar.gz file and import

Now I hit a little snag. Some of them said Installed correctly and sometimes I got a message to choose between Revert theme or Switch to new theme.

  • When I saw Installed correctly, it appears in theme list.
  • When I saw Switch to new theme, I had to say “Yes” then below the Install button is Save. I then saved the theme so it appeared in the list for later.
  • Now you can have a pretty new desktop. I’ll post back with more Gnome themes sites I find.

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