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Setting Opera Searches to your local Google/Google Linux

Posted in Applications, Desktop, Howto by downforce on April 19, 2007

One of the thing Opera can do it address bar searches. I like this feature alot, as around 75% of new tabs I open lead are for doing some sort of Google search.

The keyboard shortcut to enter the address bar is either ctrl-l or F8. I used to use F8 more until I started using Epiphany which is only ctrl-L.

To do a normal google search simply type “g I want to search for this

Easy as hey?

So now I live in Australia I want this to default to Google Aus. To change it do this:

  • Tools -> Preferences or ctrl-F12 then Search tab.
  • Click on Google and press Edit.
  • Click on Details
  • Just change to your local Google, in my case I added .au to the end so the string became
  • Whilst you are there, you might as well check that Google is the default and tick both default search engine and Speed Dial search engine.

    Now, I also use Google Linux alot, so I’ve created a new search called gl. Can you guess why?

    To do this:
    Press Add
    Name: Google Linux
    Keyword: gl
    If you want to use this as default, then check the default boxes.

    Now you can type gl wajig and it uses Google Linux!

    On a side note, change the part of the string num=50 to another number to change the number of results on each page.

    Nifty hey!

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