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GKnow – A possible knowledge base solution

Posted in Desktop, General, Knowledge Base by downforce on April 17, 2007

I was thinking about my problem finding a personal knowledge base app that I can host on my web server.

I did a stint doing software documentation and thinking in the shower the other day (1 of 2 places where I tend to do some good thinking not in front of a computer screen) of exactly what do I want from a personal knowledge base solution.

Here’s a brief summary:

  • Easily viewed and edited
  • Easy to reference and cross-reference
  • Easy to navigate between references
  • A search function which searches both titles and content (context-based search – right?)
  • Can be easily printed/pdf’ed
  • Can be marked private or public
  • Whilst running through it, an brainwave hit me … what I wanted is form of GMail, hence the name GKnow. Other just as googley names included Google-Know or GKBase. Knock yourself out thinking of others.

    Anyway, it has pretty much all the features I wanted, the ‘tag’ emails, a great search engine, it’s *very* easy to use, can groups items with the same title and can be controlled with key presses to navigate around. It even has the ability archive old items. Attaching files can be done the same way I used to transport files home from work by saving attachments to drafts but never sending them.

    There are a couple of missing features from GMail which would apply here:

  • Ability to sort columns
  • Ability to sub-group tags into categories
  • Now, if only Google would read this and fulfill my wish!

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