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Out with VMWare – In with VirtualBox

Posted in Desktop, General, Virtualisation by downforce on April 14, 2007

Some days ago I started what sort of looked like a HOWTO for installing InnoTek’s VirtualBox on Ubuntu. Literally the next day, a post appeared on with the exactly the same task!

Well, I’m not going to replicate their work, not to mention they were far more inclusive than I was going to be.

After making some posts on VMWare server, I’ve now started using VirtualBox … and what’s the verdict?
Well it’s still out … to start with I liked it alot, it loads the VM images far quicker than VMWare server, creating new images was a breeze (so is VMWare but it’s marginally easier).

On the flip side, the instances seem more … fragile. I’ve had my WinXP install blue-screen a few times and my debain 4.0 lockup. I think I’ve traced the Debian lockups to the screensaver kicking, but more testing required.

I’ll keep you posted.

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