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My furore into the World of Linux

Posted in Administration, General by downforce on April 8, 2007

This was one of my posts from my privately hosted WordPress blog. I decided not to expose it to the world as 1. it has 256kb upload 2. I keep private docs on that same PC so it’s a security issue for me. Anyway, here was my original experiences posted 18 February 2007.

My adventure into the World of Linux (WoL) started off with me building a server for files serving and basic web-hosting, this site you are currently on now, it’s a PC in my linen cupboard and does some funky stuff for me!

Setting up Linux as a server was I have to say, fairly painless. It’s been many years since I last used Linux, I set up a slack-ware 9 box to play with and I think I had it about 2-3weeks before going .. what now? Linux has come a long way since then in terms of getting distros that work ‘out of the box’ .. <in steps Ubuntu>.

So, I want a server (PC care of my dad) … Ubuntu is the top of distrowatch, I go check it out and they have a server edition, cool! Download, install … Using their help site. Wow i’m up and running .. how easy was that!! I was impressed. Since then I broke that server and reinstalled from scratch, but basically set it up again the same.

In steps another PC (care of the father-in-law) which is higher specs (scsi card & tape backup care of brother-in-law) and a nice fast SCSI HDD ($20 from Discount Computer company I used to work for), a stop gap until I can get a Dual processor rackmount server I can attach to the bottom of one of the shelves! [Now’s a good time to mention first PC was running IDE at ATA33!! woot, fast </sarcasm>]

I decided to do more research again, see if another distro was more suitable. After hours of reading, I came to the conclusion that Ubuntu server is a fairly decent server product. It installs very little to start so you can pick and choose. The Ubuntu repositories have up-to-date software, at least everything I needed, latest mythtv, wine etc.

So, installed it all from scratch again and it’s working sweet, in fact it’s running this site and the associated gallery, plus a few other web-based service that I use for personal stuff and it hardly gets above 50-60% CPU utilisation.

My only problem now is I keep running out of hard drive space, the SCSI is only 18GB and the IDE I’ve put in is 40GB, that willl tide me over until I can get something bigger in it!

Next story is my wonder story of installing Linux on my desktop with Enlightenment E17 (mmmm)!

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