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Something so simple? A solution!

Posted in Howto, Window Managers by downforce on March 30, 2007

I was … whinging … about a feature I missed in E17 that I hadn’t found in gnome.

Except last night during my playing I found a work-a-around. It’s not what E17 did, but in some ways might be better.

Right-clicking on the title bar and there were 2 options “Always show on visible workspace” and “Always on top”. Now this is great for myth, in fact it’s probably a better solution than the way E17 works in that I run MythTV in a window at 1024×768 so on each workspace I get the 1280×1024 for one monitor and I get the other 256×256 for other things … like a terminal! “Always visible” I’d use all the time, ‘On top’ when I really want to watch the whole show.

Notch another win for the garden accessory!

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