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Posted in Window Managers by downforce on March 29, 2007

When using both Fluxbox and Gnome there is a feature in E17 that stands out when going to the alternatives on a TwinView setup:

Unlink screen desktops

Actually, I’m not sure what it’s actually called so let me explain.

I usually run 3 or 4 virtual desktops. In Gnome or Fluxbox these equate to 2560×1024 (2 lots of 1280×1024) so when you switch from 1 to 2 the contents of both monitors change.

When I was running E17 each screen effectively became 1280×1024 so I had 8 desktops, 4 on each monitor. It wasn’t that I was running two X-sessions, I could move windows between both of them with ease.

I found this most useful with mythtv, I’d have mythtv running on my CRT screen (to the left) and I could switch between desktop 1 to 4 on my LCD whilst keeping myth there the whole time. Now if there was a app on a different desktop to myth, I could change it (e.g. I ran Thunderbird on Desktop 4 – alt-f4), do what I want then switch back to Desktop 1, which the LCD screen stayed on say Desktop 2.

Whilst using it I thought it was nifty, but it wasn’t until I switch to Gnome/FB that I noticed just how good it was.

If anyone actually reads this and knows 1. what this is called and 2. how to get the same functionality in gnome, please let me know.

I have to say it’s not in my xorg.conf as I am using exactly the same xorg.conf I was running under E17.

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