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Flux today, Gnome tomorrow.

Posted in Window Managers by downforce on March 28, 2007

The urge continues ….

I liked Fluxbox, it was clean, smooth and customisable. The killer? The last one. At the moment I don’t have the time to re-setup the machine from scratch using Ubuntu 6.10 alternative from console.

Fluxbox starts very minimal and everything needs to be additionally installed. I installed bbrun (the command line tool) and fbdesk (for desktop icons) but couldn’t get them to load on startup. I found two articles, one mentioned about ~/.fluxbox/init and the other … err I’ve forgotten (not at the PC at the moment!) but got neither to work. The other annoyance was the automatic menu generation didn’t pick up every item in /usr/share/applications/. Manually adding additional items required the console, which isn’t a a problem, just really time consuming!

So with that, I’ve decided to ‘become mainstream’ and go for the full blown Ubuntu again, with the garden accessories (gnome) and everything that comes with it – 7.04 Feisty (Beta).

TBH, I really wanted to give the new Ubuntu a go and seeing it was recently released as beta, I thought why not. Not only that, the WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor) was low with Fluxbox, there weren’t nice desktop icons, nor easy to access menus etc and having opera and gaim not load on startup was starting to annoy her.

I think my previous experiences with Gnome must not have been as successful as I wished as this is actually running quite nicely, none of the ‘sluggishness’ I noticed last time. I’m running it out of the box with one exception, I’ve installed the nvidia binary driver. I’m beginning to think my previous problems may have been driver related. As I left home, I had Synaptic downloading additional apps, like wine, xmms and all the 105mb of updates.

After using it for 2minutes though there is one feature I miss that’s in both Fluxbox and E17, the mouse-driven menus. TBH I’m not sure what it’s actually called, but you know the one where you click the desktop and get the system menu? Anyone knows how to get this under gnome I’d be appreciative. I will look, but got to get everything else working first!

It’s time to go play .. err I mean use it.

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