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Lessons learnt the hard way

Posted in Desktop, General by downforce on March 26, 2007

I’ve been using Enlightenment E17 for about a month now, the first “window manager” I used with any substance. I like it .. alot, but I’m a simple kind a guy who likes things slick and quick. I also had 2 version of Enlightenment installed, one from the and later I found the Elbuntu repo’s and decided to use them.When I was experimenting with what to use as my desktop, I did have a go at Gnome/KDE/Xfce but personally, thought they were all a touch ‘sluggish’, like Windows with all the themes turned on!

So, next window manager to try was Fluxbox. A wajig install fluxbox and a relog later I was in! Problem – no menus and I didn’t know the key commands (if there were any). Only way I could get out was ctrl-alt-backspace. Copied the menu template to ~/.fluxbox/menu/ and I got the system menus, but still none of my applications were being picked up.

I did a bit of googling to see how to generate the menus, it ran but didn’t create any menu items. I really didn’t want to have to go through and add each one to the menu list.

Next came a moment of impatience …. I made a seriously bad judgement call – re-format. I reallllly didn’t know what I was thinking. I said to myself only 2 weeks earlier It’s running really sweet, latest kernel, all my mounts and shares setup how I want them, wont need to re-format until Fiesty. So why did I do it?

On the surface I’d say it was a Windows habit. So many times I screwed up Windows (esp 98 days) when it was just so much easier to re-format, 40min for OS, 15min for driver and a cpl hours for apps, I was running. Linux isn’t that quick. The OS is same if not less, drivers are potentially days worth, and apps, well apps are pretty sweet with the Ubuntu repositories.

Deep down I’d say I have a compulsive re-format habit, bred because of previous mentioned point. I’ve decided to seek counciling and if there are people with similar problem might start a RFA club (Re-Formatter’s Anonymous).

Really, I should have tried to work out why it wasn’t working, but a moment of impatience overcame me.

On the flip side, I’m really liking Fluxbox. It doesn’t have some of the niceties that E17 has but it’s pretty lean and clean. Still figuring out stuff, like how to get apps to load on startup. I found some stuff whilst googling but it didn’t work. Home duties called me away from dedicating the time.

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