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Posted in General by downforce on March 21, 2007

Welcome to my new blog. I’ll start off by saying I was never going to blog, so don’t expect too much!

As you guessed from the title the purpose of this is to log my experiences into moving from the world of M$ to Linux. It’s something I’ve been considering and contemplating for a long time. Way back in 96/97 I had a play with Slackware, I managed to install it, get it working and went “What now?” and went back to Windows. I ended up using it as a ppp-gateway for my dialup connection, but didn’t even install squid or iptables or anything!

Anyway, more recently, I needed a gateway for my USB adsl modem, and used Linux. I’ve since got a off-the-shelf router for my routing needs, but I use the linux box as a LAN gateway for proxy, dns caching, dhcp and also net exposed for personal web hosting – family blog and photos.

For the most part this blog will be a “index the web” type blog, whereby, mainly for my personal use, I can document interesting and useful facts about using Linux and who knows maybe somewhere along the line I can learn some new things to share and pass-on which are original!

As mentioned before I have my own webserver, it sits in my cupboard and started posting (via wordpress!) these topics. I then realised I didn’t want to publish the address as I don’t want people I don’t know accessing it – mainly for security reasons, so now I’m here – at the home of wordpress (boooo!)

Shortly, I’ll port my posts from my personal blog to this one, mainly it’s a tale of my intial experiences and observations.

From here, it will be a collection of interesting articles and more likely links to and replications of HOWTO’s etc with my own experiences tacked on.

Well I hope someone enjoys it and feel free to leave comments etc as I’m keen to know if ANYONE will actually bother reading it.

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